Practical Web Accessibility

Learn about the world web accessibility, and how to add it to your sites.


In this updated and revamped second edition of the Amazon technology chart-topping Practical Web Accessibility, you'll be guided through a broad range of disabilities and access needs. You'll understand the ways these users typically engage with the web, the barriers they often face, and practical advice on how your websites and content can be compliant, but more than that, inclusive and enjoyable to use.

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  • Author

    Ashley Firth
  • Publisher

  • Why read it?

    • A brand new approach to auditing.
    • A complete rewrite of the topic.
    • Content from WCAG 2.2 & 3.
    • Three new chapters.
  • Formats

    Paperback, eBook, Audio


You'll learn to test for, spot, and fix web accessibility issues for a wide range of physical and mental impairments. Featuring content from the newly released WCAG 2.2 and exploratory concepts in WCAG 3, you'll see how to go beyond the basic requirements in order to help your users. This book comes complete with practical examples you can use in your own sites, along with a brand-new approach to auditing and improving a website's accessibility, and a team's approach to it, based on tools created by the author and refined over years as a consultant

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  • Practical examples:

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  • Chapters:

    1. The Accessibility Problem
    2. Blindness
    3. Low Vision and Colour Blindness
    4. Motor Impairments
    5. Deafness and Hard of hearing
    6. Cognitive Impairments
    7. Mental health
    8. Imagery
    9. Accessible Email
    10. Outsourcing Accessibility
    11. Tools and Auditing


Ashley Firth is the Global Director of Engineering at award-winning energy supplier Octopus Energy, responsible for building and overseeing the online experience of its many millions of users worldwide. He is an invited expert for the W3C in the Accessibility Guidelines Working Group, was shortlisted for the Young Energy Professional of the Year award, and has spoken internationally on the subject of accessibility. The first edition of this book reached number one in the Amazon technology charts.

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